Dark Eden : Chase II   

DARK EDEN : CHASE II is the sequel to my 1996 film CHASE, in which we see the 'Hero', Jate Xanthe, find the final piece of an incredibly ancient artefact and the resulting crusade across the cosmos as he tried to get it back to his employers, only to be thwarted at the last moment as his ship Iolanthe is captured by unknown alien forces.

Much of Dark Eden takes place a thousand years before the events of the first film and focuses on the character of Jade, the invasion of human space by the insectoid race known as the Tama, and the first contact with the Akkian race who will eventually become Jate's employers. We will see the background and set-up of the Final Frontier universe, and then, a thousand years later, find out what happens to Jate and the artefact, and what part Jade has to play.

Dark Eden is a huge project and I have spent the past two years preparing for production, creating characters, environments and updating the original models from CHASE. On the right are some stills from test footage I have animated and rendered at PAL DVD quality (Scaled down here), and I have tried to merge the bright colourful style of the first film with something a bit more gritty and realistic. I'm not aiming for photorealism in this film, just something which looks good

I was hoping to get the film completed by 2006, which is nice and neat as it ties in with the tenth anniversary of CHASE, but due to work and other things, this hasn't happened yet. I'm now aiming for a 2012 date.


CHASE, Final Frontier, Dark Eden : Chase 2 and other titles of the stories used to decribe the events of my Final Frontier Universe; images, starship designs, names and characters are © Simon Brewer 1988 onwards.