Dark Eden : CHASE II update May 2004
The sequel to CHASE now has its own page here. I have posted some small images from the film and some information about the plot and how it all ties together with the first film.

British Doll Showcase [2] Site April 2004
I have recently completed the new version of the British Doll Showcase website for my mum, who over the past few years has become an indispensible resource of information about British dolls on the internet. If you are interested in doll collecting, then have a look here.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 March 2004
I can finally announce that I am working on RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, the first 3D version of the rollercoaster/theme park simulator game series. Find out more information and see screenshots here. 2003

CHASE II has started production December 2003
I have started work on Dark Eden: Chase II after several months of animation tests. Images will be posted soon.

Time Twister Released November 2003
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 : Time Twister expansion pack is now out in the shops!

Webserver Running (Test Phase) October 2003
Mirror site Creating With Light is hosted by my own webserver.

Working at Frontier Developments June 2003
Now working at Frontier Developments Ltd.

Two New Images 3 May 2003
Modern Building and Minidisc Player images added to the Gallery

Abstract Gallery Updates 30 April 2003
Another four images added to the Abstract Gallery... Cats and dogs now join the bears!

New Abstract Gallery 10 April 2003
Woo! 3 (yes, t-h-r-e-e!) major updates in an afternoon! You lot don't know how lucky you are! Abstract gallery up as well. Most of the images here are experimental and ideas.... Abstract Gallery

New Game GFX Gallery 10 April 2003
For the first time *anywhere* on the internet, here are 17 images from the original "Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge", before the project was taken from us by our publisher Virgin Interactive. From my private archive, these are all images using in-game graphics, and show the second Sauran revison which was also shown on our T-shirts at ETS 2000. See the Terran Liberation Army Bases and Sauran Cave Bases they way they are supposed to be!. Dreamland Game Graphics

Additional credit must go to Matthew Painter who worked with me on the creation of the TLA and Sauran bases.

New Roman GFX Gallery 10 April 2003
Examples of Roman visualisation work I have done over the past couple of years. Roman Images

Creating With Light - Update 19 March 2003
Go Create mini-site has a new Gallery added. 18 March 2003
I have just finished a website for - a Dance School in Harlow.

New Domain Name 3 March 2003 mirror site now in testing.

Creating With Light 11 Feb 2003
Go Create mini-site now up.

Gallery Updated 2 Feb 2003
Not just satistfied with Tweakin', I have added in a few new images to the Gallery.

Tweakin' 2 Feb 2003
Few tweaks and additions/corrections to the text layout. Granted its not exciting, but it is news!

Gallery Updated 6 Jan 2003
Six 'new' images have been added to the Gallery. More to come soon...

New Website 1 Jan 2003
A new start, and a new website, for 2003! The whole site has been re-written to more focus on my work and what I am working on. The Gallery contains all-new images with more to come soon.

The "British Doll Showcase" will shortly be moved to a new website address, but is still accessable here

LightWave 3D-to-AmigaPPC Petition 1 Jan 2003
Many thanks to all of those who signed the LightWave 3D-to-AmigaPPC petition. To date I have had around a thousand responses which is great! With the re-design of this site, and the current Amiga situation, I have decided to close the petition until the AmigaOne and AmigaOS4 are up and running.

Once the AmigaOnes are shipping with AmigaOS4 and we have had an idea of what they can do I will re-open the petition. Don't worry it will be announced on and so you'll get to hear about it!